A reliable and trusted source
for all your business technology

Our extensive experience and range of expertise and resources allows us cater to your every business technology need, and even provide solutions not readily available from traditional providers. Our clients gladly engage us for the life of their business for, as you will also discover, we provide true full service delivery.

Business services include:

  • Technical Mentoring & Staff Augmentation
  • Product reviews and procurement services
  • Designing and establishing business grade networks
  • Maintenance of network infrastructure (SLAs)
  • Internet Connectivity, Hosting & Co-location solutions

Beyond the traditional:

Our team are also masters in Digital Forensic Science and Cyber Security, with a full suite of investigative tools that exceed industry standards in computer, mobile, network and database forensics, protection & recovery.

With the drastic progression & dependence of technology in the workplace, the many benefits also come with just as many risks. We understand the crucial importance of secure data in your operations and we can help you keep your business moving forward in a secure & efficient manner, without breaking the budget.

If you’re ready to take back control of your technology assets, contact us today!

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